Selection Criteria

Community and Environment Fund

​If you would like to apply for funding, please read through our selection criteria carefully to check that your project is eligible.


Your proposal must clearly outline what the outcomes and benefits will be and how your project will align with WIC values: community development, our ethic of stewardship, quality in all that we do, and alignment with WIC’s shareholder interests.


WIC will also consider how the proposal will:

  • Contribute directly to the community
  • Generate benefits that do not presently exist
  • Contribute to long-term solutions to issues
  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective use of the funds
  • Have performance measures that focus on outcomes
  • Provide promotional opportunities
  • Use the fund to attract additional funding for the project
  • Where applicable, demonstrate a sustainable future for the project beyond the support of the fund.


Types of projects WIC will not fund

  • Private business seeking finance
  • Projects that do not directly benefit the community
  • Projects normally funded by local or central government


If you meet the above criteria please fill in the Application Form and submit to us.


Please note that if your application is accepted for WIC funding, your project may be included in publicity or media opportunities for Waitaki Irrigators Collective Ltd, its website and social media sites, and by submitting your application, you agree to this.

If your project does not meet WIC’s selection criteria, there are a number of other organisations that provide support to community groups.

  • New Zealand Community Trust
  • New Zealand Lottery Grants Board
  • Grants Online
  • Funding Information Service
  • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Pub Charity





All application information will be kept confidential to WIC, expect for successful applications where project information may be used for publicity purposes, as stated above. All unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing