Community & Environment

The irrigators within the Collective contribute approximately $550 million per annum in gross income to the local and national economies, and represent a capital value of land (with infrastructure) in excess of $2.5 billion.


Are you as committed to our community as we are?

​The Waitaki Irrigators Collective (WIC) wishes to contribute to the wellbeing of our community by supporting recreational opportunities and the environment, beyond what our members already do for the region’s economic development.

WIC is therefore undertaking to support various community good, recreation enhancement, and environmental projects in North Otago and South Canterbury, through a dedicated fund.  This may include sponsorship of groups or individuals, supporting education opportunities, projects aimed at enhancing recreation on and around the Waitaki River, and environment protection and enhancement projects within the WIC catchment.


Community good projects

WIC recognises that it continues to operate through the use of shared community good (water), and as such it is ultimately connected to the surrounding communities.

As we are committed to the social and economic development of the community, WIC will undertake to support community projects in North Otago and South Canterbury.


Recreation enhancement projects

The Waitaki River is very important for recreation values. It supports a number of activities including angling, jet boating, kayaking, eel fishing and hunting.

As part of WIC’s objective of developing an integrated social contact with the community, and supporting other river users wherever possible and practicable, WIC will undertake to support recreation projects related to the Waitaki River catchment.



Environmental protection and enhancement projects

As users of a natural resource, and stewards of the land with long-term interests in ensuring its on-going productive potential, WIC recognises the need to protect and enhance its surrounding environment wherever possible and practicable.


Some of WIC’s members are already undertaking environment enhancement projects, such as the augmentation of the Waiareka Creek and Waihao Rivers and wetland development and enhancement. We wish to extend this commitment to supporting environment protection and enhancement projects developed by those outside the Collective, too.


How we decide which projects to fund

The WIC board is made up of representatives from community irrigation schemes – they live and work in the Waitaki. The Board meets once a month and reviews funding requests to decide which projects are funded. There is no final date for accepting applications, they are simply assessed as and when they are received  However, as WIC has an annual budget for such projects, applications may be deferred until the next financial year, depending on funds available at any given time.

WIC reviews funding requests against the fund’s objectives and a set of selection criteria to help us decide if the project supports community good, recreation enhancement, environmental protection and enhancement.


If you have any questions, phone 03 434 5472 or send us an email